API Call

Please note that Chargify Direct has been deprecated in favor of Chargify.js.

Chargify.js is a PCI compliant way of embedding payment forms on your site, while still making full use of our powerful API.

While Chargify Direct will still function and be supported, no new enhancements or features will be added.

Chargify Direct resources use different credentials than the standard Chargify API. If you receive a 401 Unauthorized response, please see the section on Authentication in the Getting Started guide.

Call Attributes

All of the call attribute fields are returned from GET (read) operations, and all are read only.

Title Description
id The ID of the call
api_id The API ID associated with this call
timestamp The timestamp of this call. Should match the submitted secure parameter (request → secure → timestamp)
nonce The nonce (if used). Should match the submitted secure parameter (request → secure → timestamp)
request Details about the request submitted to the Chargify Direct endpoint
secure The secure parameters
api_id timestamp, nonce, data, signature –> The response signature, used to validate this call. See Response Signature
signup The signup parameters
response Details the response to the call made to the Chargify Direct endpoint
status_code The HTTP status code of the operation performed during this call
result_code A result code that will eventually translate to meaningful information. Currenly, it’s just the four-digit HTTP status code.
errors An array of strings which described (when applicable) the errors encounted during the failed call.
product Details about the subscribed product
customer Details about the customer
payment_profile Details about the payment profile of the subscription
subscription Details about the customers subscription
next_billing_manifest Details about the charges incurred during this call
success Was the call successful? (ie. was the response → status_code 200?)


Read/Show (via Call ID)

URL: https://api.chargify.com/api/v2/calls/<call_id> Method: GET Required Parameters: call_id

Response: An single call

JSON Read Call Example

Scenario: As a developer, I want to be able to read the call via Chargify Direct

Background: Given I am a valid API user And I accept JSON

Scenario: Retrieve a signup call Given I have a call ID, returned in the query string to the redirect_uri specified When I send a GET request to https://api.chargify.com/api/v2/calls/ Then the response status should be "200 OK" And the response should be the json: """